Partner Aric Bomsztyk Speaks on Seattle’s King 5 Regarding High Profile Defamation Suit

Capturing the nation’s attention is the investigation centering around the November slaying of four University of Idaho students. In the search for answers, a TikTok sleuth claimed a University of Idaho professor participated the killings. Attorneys for Rebecca Scofield, the accused the associate professor and chair of the history department at the University of Idaho, filed a lawsuit December 21,2022 claiming the TikTok-er defamed Professor Scofield.

Seattle-based First Amendment lawyer and sophisticated litigator Aric Bomsztyk weighed in on the case and was asked his opinion of the liability of the TikTok-er for defamation under First Amendment principles:

“When you’re out there in the public sphere, and you are when you’re on TikTok with hundreds of thousands of viewers out there, you have a responsibility to the public, and frankly to yourself, that you don’t start publishing things recklessly, negligently, or intentionally unless you have some basis to believe in.”

This is an evolving story. See Mr. Bomsztyk’s appearance on television here:

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Aric Bomsztyk on Seattle’s King 5