Franchise Law & Litigation

Across the country, there are almost one millions establishments in franchise systems creating millions of jobs and producing almost a trillion dollars in annual output. The backbone of the franchise model, are the hardworking Franchisees, who have the entrepreneurial spirit and work hard each and every day to make their family owned businesses a success. Washington was one of the first states in the country to regulate the sale of franchises and to protect Franchisees from Franchisors who have significant power over their Franchisees. Thus, Washington's legislature enacted Franchise Investment Protection Act, called “FIPA,” and its “Franchisee Bill of Rights” at RCW 19.100.180. 

Our firm has successfully represented both Franchisees and Franchisors in franchise disputes, or in disputes with third parties. For Franchisors we offer an economical way to assist in registration and compliance with Washington's regulatory schemas. For Franchisees, we offer representation in due diligence, reviewing Franchise Agreements, noncompetition restrictions and other business services—and if the need arises litigation through trial. Also given our focus on franchise law, and the national scope of Federal Trade Commission regulations governing all 50 states, we can represent franchisees around the country by associating with local counsel if need be.

Our services include

  • Due diligence assistance
  • Franchise agreement review
  • Corporate formation
  • Lease and licensing review
  • Default notices
  • Franchisor-Franchisee disputes
  • Cooperative advertising
  • Franchisor litigation under Franchise Investment Protection Act-FIPA
  • Franchisee litigation under Franchise Investment Protection Act-FIPA
  • Franchisor litigation under Consumer Protection Act-CPA
  • Franchisee litigation under Consumer Protection Act-CPA
  • Franchisor registration
  • Department of Financial Institutions complaints
  • Noncompete review and enforcement
  • Noncompete review and termination
  • Nationwide arbitration in all 50 states
  • Jury trials in all 50 states in conjunction with local counsel

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